What people are saying:


"I have had 2 Rapid Shift sessions with Julia, her gifts are phenomenal. The depth and precision of her work is like nothing I’ve had before -  I feel truly free and happy for the first time, so unburdened and so centered in the bliss of my existence.  She reached areas so deep in my blindspots   that no one else has been able to work on, and in seconds got to the core, shifting things that were so entwined + limiting.  
So much physical pain left my body from my spine, neck shoulders, and down to my womb as I released the burdens and energetic weight of carrying others’ patterns. Areas that have received physical modalities for 10+ years - 1 session with Julia did more to alleviate those than all 10 years combined. It is truly the deepest, most effective, yet gentlest way to shift insane amounts of energy that aren’t serving you - skyrocketing you on your path to liberation, true self-expression + just pure, genuine happiness. 
The magnitude and ripple effect of Julia’s work is impossible to quantify - it is so far-reaching, working on so many levels - all I can say is that it has completely changed my life, my state of being + my body + how I show up every day in my personal life and in my business."

- Alice, RSI client


“I wanted to share my wins with you, ever since watching your soul client activation and then joining the Rapid Shift group, I’ve been having more clients, sales, connections with soul family, and opportunities come up that are aligning me more with my desires.

Then when I watched the self-love activation, it reversed the plans of divorce and my marriage is now on a brand new timeline that I’ve been struggling to attain on my own for a few years now. 
It’s crazy how it’s all happening and I can’t thank you enough. 
Another interesting thing to note, people who I thought had my best intentions have suddenly shown their true intentions… this new version of me, only wishes them well and I’ve been removing myself peacefully without arguing or confronting them. 
I’m also more comfortable setting boundaries and walking away from what doesn’t serve me. Thank you Julia for sharing your gifts🥰💕 I’ll keep in touch with more wins. 🙏🏼🎉⚡️💫”
- Chantelle, Rapid Shift Collective member


“So much in my experience has turned in such a way to an experience where there is so much love available and accessible.
There is a solid connection to the spirit realm.
I ask I command, I receive, I allow, I trust, I love, I am carried and I am held.
I truly choose to be here. to be alive. to be exactly where I am. back in this city, which is my birth city, right next to the building where my grandmother lived and I first came to when I was born. the poetry, the beauty of that brings a smile to my lips and a sense of magic to my being.
I feel at ease. I feel grateful. I feel loved and widely blessed. Saying that feels full. Feels true.My world was worlds apart from this when I started working with you, Julia, back in November.
I intuit, that in these last months, there has been a collective massive uplevel in light, and I really feel it.
And that at the same time I am in these containers with you, clearing, activating, expanding, is for me one of the beautiful synchronicities and blessings that I am getting to experience.
I am writing, because I want it to be known, that working with you has turned my experience of being alive, my relationship with life, and my experience of myself in a magical way.
There is such gratitude in my body, for how much different I feel today,
For how easy it is to be in my body, to how delighted I am to wake up in the mornings. for how natural it is to hold myself and who I am in the face of challenge, to how supported and guided I feel by my guides, by my soul, by my soul braids connections, by Gaia, by life.
For how much love I can summon in my heart for myself, for being alive, for life and earth herself - to how much space, power, discernment, and choice is a reality for me now.
For how much joy, clarity, and happiness are a part of my experience.
I remember how I felt the past 4 to 5 years of my life. and it was heavy. really heavy.
I always had a pocket of hope, and yet I did not really believe, change could happen so swiftly, so unassumingly, so easily, so lightly, so beautifully.
And now, here I am. different. choosing to be here. choosing expansion. choosing heart. choosing truth. choosing my soul. choosing happiness. choosing. caring. speaking.
I love this thing that is life.
And that that love could be reignited in my cells.
A miracle, to experience the heart, love, devotion, dedication, purpose, light, and commitment that is broadcast by you, Julia Phoenix.
miracle is The word, yes.
- Jen, 90 Day 1:1 Intensive client