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Have a listen to Julia's most recent

Podcast Interview with Lisa Betts-LaCroix.

Titled Episode #59 "Bravery to feel deeply with coach Julia Claire Friedman."


Julia Phoenix is a speaker, relationship coach and transformational healer who helps women to create, build and maintain beautiful, loving, supportive relationships in their lives.

Since 2015, Julia has been helping women and couples resolve their past traumas and relationship challenges, break through their barriers to love, and achieve lasting success in their partnerships. 

Julia holds a Masters Degree in Human Development and has a long history of working in early childhood education. She applies her knowledge of child development in her work with adults in the form of inner child work, and specializes in helping adults heal attachment wounding and developmental trauma, so that they may enjoy happier, healthier relationships. 

Julia also teaches effective communication skills to resolve conflict, and how to show up in vulnerability to create deep intimacy and trust in relationships of all kinds.



I hold a Master’s degree in Human Development and a BA degree in Child Development.  


In addition to 10 years of experience working with children, and several years experience coaching and counseling adults, children, and couples, I have years of specialized training in various fields including energy work, parts work, leadership and mentoring, and creative arts therapy.


I offer relationship coaching, and individual and group mentoring for trauma recovery. I utilize subconscious journey work, parts work, and Teal Swan’s Completion Process to aid in recovery from toxic relationship patterns, childhood abuse, sexual, abuse, eating disorders and addictions. My approach is individualized and intuitive. I can help you reconnect with your inner child and redesign your life and your experience from the inside out.



I believe there is absolutely no condition we cannot come back from, and I believe in your power to heal yourself.


Partially because of my extensive background in early childhood development and education, but primarily due to my own life experiences, I focus heavily on inner child work and parts work as fundamental, integral aspects of the healing process.


I enjoy utilizing my empathic sensitivities, personal experiences and intuitive capacities to create highly individualized treatment plans for each client I work with, assisting them in finding the most useful tools for them, integrating their unhealed aspects of self, and building a new lives for themselves which reflect increased levels of self-love, joy, safety, and self-trust.

I also feel passionate about creating communities in which authentic connection, intimacy, vulnerability, and trust provide a foundation for healing Self as well as Other. We are in this together, and we cannot and should not do it alone.



I would be honored to act as a mentor and facilitator for you in your healing process!


You deserve to come home to yourself. You deserve to reclaim your natural essence, and feel alive and at peace in your body. And most of all, you deserve unconditional loving presence at every turn.


I can offer my own unique gifts, abilities and talents, as well as my hard earned insights from many years of personal experience with multiple healing modalities.

I can offer my skills and expertise, along with a burning passion to use what I have learned in order to assist individuals along their own healing paths and uplift the collective.

I do not claim to be perfect or “above” anyone I work with, including—and perhaps especially—my clients. Rather, it is my humanness and “imperfections” which enable me to connect and assist in powerful ways, and build the horizontal, mutually empowering, authentic relationships which are necessary in order for true healing to occur.


*Disclaimer: I am not a licensed psychotherapist or psychiatrist, and cannot offer medical or psychiatric advice.



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