Julia Phoenix is a Leadership and Liberation Mentor,  and the Worldwide Leading Innovator of the Rapid Shift Integration Method™

Julia’s passion and service is aligning human beings with their highest potential, and helping them shed the programs that keep them stuck in unsatisfying cycles in life, relationships, and business. 

Your DNA is not just physical.

It actually has 12 dimensions (not 2, as most of us were taught in school).

Only the physical DNA (the commonly known double helix structure) is currently observable with scientific instruments.

We have an additional 10 strands of DNA that are nonphysical, and are sometimes referred to as "etheric" or "light strand" DNA.

These 10 additional strands are largely inactive, for most people—think of a light switch, sitting in the "off" position.

Julia uses sound and frequency to flip that switch, to turn on your dormant DNA.

Within the multidimensional structure of your DNA, lies a sacred blueprint. 

This blueprint contains your unique soul gifts, many hidden abilities, and the truest, purest frequency of YOUR brilliant essence.

When you chose to incarnate here on the planet, you chose very specific ancestral lines, and very specific coding, from past lives, alien influences, and your Higher Self.

You are literally coded with everything you need in order to fulfill the exact objective you intended to fulfill when you came to the planet.

When your dormant DNA is activated, you gain access to MORE.

More of who you truly intended to be here.

More of who you really are.

More of your multidimensionality.

More of the gifts and abilities you came here to utilize for the benefit of the collective.

DNA activation is Julia’s specialty, and it is the key that opens the door to the life that was MEANT for you.

When you activate your dormant DNA, not only do you gain access to more of who you really are...

But you begin to operate from a place of very deep connection to yourself, on a soul level--a type of connection that most people just don't have access to.

Julia's work is all about liberating your soul's true essence, so that you can begin to recreate your life, from the inside out.

Magnetizing the people, places and things that are a match to fulfilling your highest purpose...

And releasing all that which is not.

Julia's experience in the fields of Human Development, Relationship Coaching, and Business Leadership, add to her unique approach to mentorship, and inform the application of her gifts.

Her style is a blend of grounded, practical guidance, loving support, and cosmic, spiritual wisdom.