the Rapid Shift Collective 

The RSC is a membership where a small investment of time and money adds up to HUGE transformational shifts.


The activations delivered inside of the membership are targeted towards specific themes, like money, love, business, or your connection to higher realms and your intuition.

These POWERFUL clearings and DNA upgrades can have you feeling like an entirely different person in just a few short months.

When you join, you’ll gain instant access to a growing library of content, and enjoy bonuses like

mini-activations, and live Q and As!

*Please note that all subscriptions are a minimum commitment of 6 months.

  • Biweekly live video activations, access to a supportive online community, and occasional awesome bonus content!

  • All Tier 1 features

  •  Weekly audio activations, delivered to your membership inbox.

  • All Tier 1 features

  • All Tier 2 features

  • A monthly personalized audio activation, where Julia will precisely target your specific blocks, and activate your unique soul template to its highest potential.