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by Julia Phoenix

we start
MAY 26th



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Women like me are strong as hell.

We’ve been through the ringer, and somehow, we’ve come out the other end with our hearts and souls intact, ready to serve the world and help heal others!

We are goddamn miracles, to be honest.

But many of us never received what we truly needed, and STILL aren’t. And we need to be honest about that.

We give and give and give, and we empty our tanks, without ever being truly replenished by RELATIONSHIP.

We constantly push ourselves to rise to
the next level of income or impact.

We are used to the struggle because our whole lives have been a struggle. Nobody ever showed up for us. Nobody had our back if we “failed.”We had to figure it out all on our own.


And now...

we need a safe, soft place to land.

We need relationships that uplift and SUPPORT us, rather than feeling like another DRAIN to our energy.

We need places we can go to work through our shit, without the pressure of keeping it together for anyone or being fucking perfect. We need places we can go where our POWER is not seen as a threat or something to fear or to use.

Where our businesses and dreams and desires can be deeply nurtured and nourished so that they can blossom from fertile soil. We need to be fully FED in our relationships.

And guess what?

When we receive this, we can not only help more people...

But we make more MONEY.

We experience more JOY in our lives.

And EVERYONE benefits.


HAVEN: The Love and Leadership Mastermind

a 12-month experience with me

that will change the way you do your






It’s a hybrid 1:1 AND group container

and the level of support that’s offered is EPIC.

I mean, it’s more support than you

will probably know what to do with...

...and it will CHALLENGE  you to RECEIVE IT!
And create more of it in your life.

It’s about damn time.


HAVEN includes:

High touch 1:1 and Group Coaching

+ Light Language Clearings and Activations

+ Quantum Healing
Inner Child Work
Deep subconscious reprogramming


You’ll also get:

+ Lifelong sisters
+ Incredible training and support for your

     business and for your relationships


*Guest experts that will TRULY knock your socks off.

One year  with me...
Go ALL IN and see what happens!

Yours With Love, 

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Julia Phoenix



we start
MAY 26th