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“During my sessions with Julia, I experienced her as being a pillar of strength as well as softly caring like a loving mother. 


Her own life experiences enable her to understand other people’s pain 


(in my case bulimia) on a very deep level. It was so relieving for me to have someone who exactly knows what I’m talking about. I felt like Julia was with me with all of her heart. She’s able to compassionately hold space for hopelessness, grief, rage, despair, even numbness. There were no expectations when I had difficulties in connecting to my body and my emotions. Julia was patient, intuitively picked up where I’m at and facilitated the process by mirroring and validating me. Always in tune with my needs, she gently led me through the session. Julia is amazing in interacting with the inner child. By now, when I’m doing a CP (Completion Process) my inner child almost always invites her in as a supportive figure, because little Luise feels so incredibly safe in her presence. I’m grateful for every single session we had and I appreciate Julia dearly. Without any doubt, I can highly recommend her.”


“Without Julia I would still be wandering around like a lost broken soul. She gave me something that no one ever has, freedom from self-judgement and criticism.

She taught me how to attract love into my life and gave me hope that I deserve it. She taught me how to love the divine feminine within me and how to spread love to others. She taught me how to be real and how to hold boundaries for my body and soul. I have since found connection with masculine energy that approaches me with love and support, not with anxiety. Julia’s presence in my life has been no coincidence. She was predestined to do what she does and I am beyond blessed to be a product of personal and collective expansion. I will forever hold a special place in my heart for her and the struggles that she has in her own process. And will always cherish the impact she made on my inner child and my current and future self. It truly changed my entire self concept and literally every relationship I will ever have from here on out.”


“I have been working with Julia for the first time about one year ago. I had seen her in an interview she did on youtube and felt clearly that I have to do my next CP session with this woman.  


I cannot tell you how glad I am that I did


Over this last year, I kept coming back over and over again to do sessions with Julia. She is not only an amazing Completion process facilitator but all around a wonderful and powerful healer and a force of love and transformation. Each session with her is unique and powerful; Julia is always intuitive and lets things unfold in a natural way while guiding the process gently whenever needed. She creates a safe space where anything can come up. Her focus is always on what the client wants and needs, highly attuned, she is good at helping find what is most needed at the moment.
I have never felt so supported in my healing journey as I do now, doing regular weekly sessions with Julia. With the Mentorship program, I also have access to workshops that Julia is hosting and a special Facebook group. Whenever something important comes up between sessions, I know that I can always write to Julia and I can count on her to respond and help me out with her care and compassion, understanding and guidance.


She has a huge box of tools to work with complex trauma, and even better, she has so much deep understanding through her personal experience. Julia has a depth and understanding of pain and emotions in general that is absolutely priceless. There have been incredibly difficult situations coming up in my life, and through working with Julia – for the first time, I felt that I was not alone and that my feelings made actual sense.

This helped me move through difficult situations with more ease and find new clarity in my Life. Julia’s deep loving presence combined with her powerful empathic abilities can make whomever she is working with feel completely seen, and understood, and loved. This brings about deep healing and transformation.
I have gotten back so much of ME that I thought was lost before working with Julia. I have gained confidence, power, happiness, and clarity. I never had so much energy in my Life and I have never been so Self-Aware. I am so infinitely Grateful for Julia, and I can recommend her Services to Anyone who is Ready to Shift their Life big-Time, who is ready to go deep, and Who needs a deep, loving, feminine, fierce and gentle Source of Support in their Life.”


“I’m halfway through mentorship program with Julia and can’t recommend it enough especially for CPCPs. It took me a long time to realize that I have to commit to myself and get CP weekly and have this time just for myself so that I don’t have to think about giving back. In the last 2 months, I have been integrating mainly abandonment trauma, the wounds caused by my mother and the fact that I was an unwanted child. Knowing that I have Julia’s support, weekly sessions, and taking part in workshops, broadcasts and guided meditations has really been helping me to stay focused on myself and continue integrating and continue becoming more and more aware. I’m really excited about what else is coming and how I will be more empowered! I’m also on week 4 of Artist’s way course (recommended by Julia), I’m super excited because I wasn’t able to stick to something like that by myself before! This mentorship program has been one of the biggest gifts I’ve given to myself!”

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