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If you are a woman who is a creative, healer or entrepreneur who has struggled to feel empowered in receiving, holding, and spending money, this is for you.


If your income feels inconsistent, and you desire to receive more steadily, with more predictability and ease, this is for you!


If who tend to feel disempowered around money.


If you  feel shame, fear, or pain around their relationship to money.


Or, maybe you already have a great relationship to money…but simply want to reach that next level of income!


If you want to do so in a fun, uplifting, sacred circle of POWERFUL witchy women, Money Witch is for YOU!!!


Empowering yourself in your relationship to money—like we do in Money Witch—can provide shifts in ALL areas of your life.  It can help you to trust yourself and others more, feel more free, and experience more choice and fulfillment in your life!


The empowerment, self-trust, and faith in your own ability to generate resources that this course will provide you with is absolutely life-changing, and the impact will last a lifetime!


(We go wayyyy deeper into how money energetics are connected to your relationship patterns in my year long container HAVEN: The Love and Leadership Mastermind—let me know if you want to know more about that experience!)


Money is something that almost ALWAYS comes up when I speak with women about entering into my higher-end containers.


And this is why I KNOW that this more affordable, 6 week program is desperately needed.


I don’t want you to ever feel like you have to say “NO” to something you really want because of money…ever again!


My goal is for you to walk away from this course with tools, practices, and practical action steps you can take to manifest more money. Plus, you’ll leave feeling empowered and on the driver’s seat with how money gets to move for you and work in your life!


And the SISTERHOOD ALONE is worth the investment.


The ladies from the last round of Money Witch STILL meet for moon circles regularly, and stay connected on our message thread. Seriously!


And I’ve received testimonial after testimonial of Money Witch participants saying that they were able to raise their rates and receive their highest paying clients EVER, or that they received a raise at work, or that they received money out of the blue in an unexpected way.


In fact, of the dozen or so women in our last round of Money Witch, each one of them reported  positive changes in their finances, and/or their relationship to money.


That’s a pretty solid success rate!


Money Witch is a great fit for those who already have some spiritual leanings, and perhaps some basic knowledge about manifestation and energy.


It’s not the best fit for people who are very masculine and linear in their thinking, or who are looking mostly for strategy and money management tips.


The course includes:


🧡6 Weekly Zoom calls (replays always available)

🧡Weekly Homework

🧡Supportive Facebook group

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we start July 1st!

One Time Payment


The course is 1,111 USD, and if you pay in full, you get a bonus session with me!


OR you can do a payment plan for six months, and pay just $185.16/month


If you’re in, click one of the links above to enroll!

One Time Payment

6-Month Monthly Payment

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Here are some testimonials from satisfied Money Witch sisters!

Who Are We

6-Month Monthly Payment

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