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Everyone and their dog loves to talk about it. 


Are you sick of hearing about it?

Are you obsessed with it? 

Somewhere in between?


More and more, I meet women who are deeply

engaged in their purpose work,

doing incredible things...


...and it blows me away. And it does matter. A lot.


So does money. So does career fulfillment. 


It matters extra big to people like me...

and maybe to you too.

But also... 


💜True love matters.

💙Connection matters!

❤️SUPPORT matters.


It does NOT have to be lonely

at the topmy friends.


Nor do you have to be

stressed out, overwhelmed,

and wondering if the person of your

dreams are ever going to cross paths with you.

For too lonG,

career-focused and entrepreneurial

women have been fed the lie

that they have to CHOOSE

between love and their business success.

This is absolute bullshit,

and it doesn’t have to be that way. 


The truth?

We’ve been sold a false

bill of goods by the

shadow masculine narrative

that has us believing that

we have to do our whole lives

with NO support and that

the entrepreneurial success

journey is a LONELY one.


✨My experience is the absolute opposite.


The more connection and support 

I have received over the years,

the more my business has taken off.


When I met my partner Antoine

in  2016

and finally allowed me to be

fully supported

in all the ways I needed,

I grew my business massively

and started creating content

and hosting workshops.


When I moved into

An intentional community,

I reached six figures!




When I prioritized

relationships and healing

through connection,

my whole world changed

...and it got

easier. A lot easier.


No one is meant to do life

completely alone.


And life includes business!

(If you are an entrepreneur,

sometimes it feels like

business IS life.😅)

Women especially are designed to move through the world

connected to one another,

receiving the support and love they need every step of the way.


You can make a f*ck ton of money

and still meet your soul mate.


You can have a happy relationship

and an EPIC career.


You can be successful

in your purpose work,

and still, have a life that is built around a foundation of connection and community.



Glad you asked. ;)


If you are a career-focused woman

(or identify as such)

and you want to make a

boatload of money while also finding lasting love...


...AND do it in a

loving, supportive, soulful

container with kindreds who are committed

to healing through relationship together...


You are a PERFECT fit for

the Love & Leadership


Here’s all the good sh*t

that’s included:


90 min Vision Mapping


session with me to set your goals, define action steps and create a plan for you to move forward with SUPPORT.


Weekly group calls for 9 months!

These are focused on a wide variety of topics related to business and relationships and will include training,

q and a, and partner work.


3X 1:1 sessions with me. we will re-wire your


beliefs about money and relationships, and get you receiving love and success with so much ease it will maybe actually scare you.


Regular homework

Given during the 1 : 1 sessions.

1 : 1 Access in session


Also support in the

private facebook group.

Email support from


yours truly

I’m a great secret weapon to have in your back pocket when you’re dealing with conflict, facing fears in your business, or awkwardly beginning the

process of dating!

'Oodles of digital content,

including my Conflict Resolution Course and Magnetize Your Match Course!



like group manifestation meditations, and

guest presenters

on a wide variety of topics such as using energy work to achieve your goals faster, utilizing your human design in love and business,

and healing your

relationship to money!


email support

Digital Content


The total investment for this

epic rebirthing journey is 7.5K for

nine life-changing months.

Remember that the more support

you receive in relationships and in business,

the more $$$ you bring  in! Straight up.


You can also opt-in at the monthly rate

of $1,000/month if that’s more your speed.

I’m more than willing to set up a

payment plan that works for you.

If you’d like to discuss your options,

click the support link 




I can’t wait for you to join me

on a rebirthing journey

you will never forget. 

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