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by Julia Phoenix

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HAVEN is for the woman who feels stuck in her relationships—if you haven't manifested the right person for you, or your partnership is struggling, this is for YOU.


Or perhaps you struggle with feeling safe, supported, and connected in your friendships. 


Or maybe you can’t seem to shake old codependent or avoidant patterns you know are keeping you unfulfilled and drained in your relationships and business (not to mention keeping her from making more money!).


HAVEN is for you if you know that it is your RELATIONSHIP blocks that are preventing you from reaching your next level of career or wealth expansion.


HAVEN is for you if you are self-aware, emotionally intelligent, and perhaps feeling lonely in a world that doesn’t seem to be able to match your level of depth.


HAVEN is for you if you are READY to take steps to actually change your relationship patterns, and do so through courageous subconscious excavation, and new experiences, inside of a safe and loving cocoon of similarly minded women.


When you come together with other women and share NEW RELATIONAL EXPERIENCES with one another, facilitated by a trained and experienced guide, you can start to shift MUCH faster than you can on your own, or even with a private coach or therapist.


When this is coupled with message support and 1:1 sessions with me, the results are mind-blowing.


You can burn through decades of codependency, internalize new beliefs about your self-worth, become empowered to own your needs and speak your boundaries, and step into your power in your career and relationships like never before.


By the time you leave this container with me, you will have an unshakeable foundation of self-trust and boundaries.


You will also feel confident in exploring new connections, entering into new relationships, and attracting and choosing partners and friends who are the right fit for you.


You’ll know *exactly* how to identify a healthy relationship, and you’ll have all the skills to navigate one!



Not only that, but you will have an improved relationship with your business, and feel empowered around your relationship to wealth and your career.


HAVEN will be the best fit for women who have already done a good amount of foundational self-growth work, and are interested in attracting and sustaining the right relationships for them, and also have an interest in purpose, career, and wealth.


It will NOT be the best fit for women who are just starting out on their healing journey, who have no interest in self-responsibility, or don’t have an interest in expanding into their purpose, growing their career, or continuing to make more and more money at the same time as they attract love and connection into their lives.




Currently, we meet Thursdays at 10 am PST, but I am open to shifting this time if needed, and if it works for everyone.


HAVEN: The Love and Leadership Mastermind

is a 12-month hybrid container.





It includes weekly group coaching calls, AND one session per month with me, plus message support, homework, and other bonuses (listed below).

This container is designed to give you an incredible level of holistic support, so that you can feel held in the transformation and up-leveling of your relationships, while also prioritizing career (this is Love AND Leadership—we create lives that make space for BOTH!).


Here is what you get:

Weekly group coaching calls where we will do training, exercises, a group coaching, meditation, manifestation work and light language activations!

+ Monthly 1:1s with me, where we will deep dive into your subconscious relationship blocks, or anything else you are needing support with.

+ Message support
Weekly Homework
Supportive Facebook Group and Message Thread
Incredible guest experts, including a Sacred Rage specialist, and my partner Antoine!

+ Personalized channeled light language transmissions as needed.
+ Incredible training and support for your 
business and for your relationships


All group coaching calls are recorded and posted in the Facebook group along with weekly homework.


The investment for HAVEN is 1,333 USD/month for 11 months, or 11K if you pay in full!


Click one of the links above to enroll!

One year  with me...
Go ALL IN and see what happens!

Yours With Love, 

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Julia Phoenix



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