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WTF is my Purpose?

WTF is my PURPOSE? WTF is the Big Deal About Purpose Anyway?
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WTF is my Purpose?

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Feb 03, 2019, 1:00 PM
Location is TBD

About The Event

One of the most common and arguably most cliched terms you will hear flying around in spiritual and self-help circles is “purpose.”

If you’re reading this, you are very likely in one of two camps: either you have your finger paused just above the eye roll emoji, ready to pull the trigger at any given moment, or you’re on the edge of your seat, desperate to pin down this elusive yet clearly all powerful golden key of “purpose” which you believe is going to finally cause your life to make sense.

You may be hoping I may have an answer for you. Or you may be wanting to sock me in the jaw.

Either one would be valid responses.

We are in general obsessed as a species with finding purpose and meaning.

It is a beautiful thing about human beings, how much we are devoted to finding out what things may mean and asking “why?”

However, most of us have yet to learn how to do this in productive ways.

Sometimes the meaning we attach to painful experiences makes them much more painful and difficult to accept.

Sometimes we are unable to find meaning at all, and we find ourselves floating in the existential abyss, contemplating suicide or committing it passively by way of numbing agents such as drugs or food.

What I have discovered about purpose is this: the meaning you assign to something will change that thing entirely. If you change the meaning, you will change the context. If you change the context, you will change your experience.

Simple, but not easy.

I am often asked by people what has caused me to persevere in the face of adversity.

People want to know how I’ve survived incest, cult abuse, drugs addictions, eating disorders and chronic illnesses, and have been able to utilize my experiences in order to create a life that has a meaning that I can appreciate; a life in which I am helping people on a daily basis, and consistently feeling deeply confident that I am aligned with my soul’s mission on this planet.

No matter how much adversity I have faced, or how challenging the road I have traveled has been, purpose and meaning have been the guiding lights that have kept me moving forward. They have kept me growing, healing, expanding, and overcoming.

That’s not to say that I advise you to become hung up on things like your career, helping others or changing the world, particularly if those types of purposes don’t resonate with you at your core in a truly joyful way, as they do mine.

All I am saying is that you have the power within you to discover a sense of purpose as YOU define it which makes your life worth living, and enables you to take the suffering you have experienced or are currently experiencing and use it as raw energy in order to create something profoundly beautiful and deeply satisfying.

If you change the meaning, you will change the experience.

Once again, simple, but not always easy.

The answers lie within your own heart, and your own internal guidance.

In this upcoming webinar, we will discover ways you can communicate with these aspects of your being in order to uncover your soul’s incredibly unique intentions, and the purposes and meanings which align with your highest fulfillment.

There is a statement I hear often which causes me to cringe just a little bit. It’s “you did not come to this life to suffer.”

On the one hand, this is partially true. You did not come here ONLY to suffer.

However, suffering is a reality of the human experience. And some of us have bitten off a bit more of it in this lifetime than others.

That fact is not indicative of some kind of cosmic mistake, or a failure on your part, nor is it an indication that something has gone wrong.

Nothing has gone wrong.

But there is a truth that most people don’t seem to me to grasp: you are meant to USE your suffering.

There is a purpose for your pain, just as there is a purpose for your joy. The key is that no one but YOU is the authority on what that purpose is.

Come home to your heart and discover what you came here to do.

Come home to yourself and discover more of who you really are and how to utilize your unique gifts, talents, abilities, quirks, challenges, traumas and whatever else you have in your grab bag of internal goodies to create a life that feels aligned and powerfully, purposefully YOURS.

Discover how to:

*Make new meaning out of painful circumstances.

*Play the hand you have been dealt to your advantage, and to the advantage of the collective.

*Connect to your inner divine guidance and your Higher Self, so that your egoic personality fragments are no longer “running the show” on auto pilot.

*Discover new meaning and purpose behind any actions you are taking on a daily basis, so as to bring more joy, clarity and alignment into any aspect of your life.

*Explore career paths and how to find out what work-if any-best suits your brilliant unique self and offers you fulfillment.

*identify erroneous belief systems and ancestral imprinting that have shaped the meaning you’ve attached to your life circumstances, and learn how to challenge and re-wire those belief systems.

*Identify and integrate resistances and trauma informed personality fragments which keep you from feeling like you can live—or are living—a purposeful life that feels good to you.

*Release pressure and pain attached to finding your purpose in terms of career, education, etc. and redefine the word “purpose” in a way that works for you.

I look forward to deep diving with all of you!

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