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One Time Payment

Let me tell you…


*A supported, relationally nourished woman is a force to be reckoned with.*


I have always been a resilient person.


A resourceful person. A person who can do a whole lot with very little. 


I’ve also always been a prideful person…


The kind of person who wants to do things all by myself.


The kind of person who could claw my way through finishing a Master’s program while working with children, and struggling with chronic illness.


The kind of person who made sure I always stayed afloat and got things done, even if I was walking on the razor’s edge.


But I was constantly in SURVIVAL MODE.


I was either in and out of toxic, draining relationships or completely alone and operating like the weight of the world was on my shoulders.


I was in a state of constant burnout.


I couldn’t seem to progress into whom I wanted to be in the world, because I was constantly DROWNING.


I wondered what was wrong with me.


I couldn’t trust people or let them in, or allow them to help me.


I couldn’t trust the Universe to provide me with the resources I needed.


I didn’t have anywhere close to enough support.


There was almost NO intimacy or genuine connection in my life.


My difficult relationships with men stole all of my focus and my emotional, physical, and mental ENERGY.


So of course, I also wasn’t able to receive the income I wanted to receive or create the business I wanted to create.


My relationship with money, quite frankly, sucked.


So did my relationship with myself. With my body. With my needs. With my purpose.


This all began to shift when back in 2015 when I made the powerful choice to place my focus solidly on RELATIONSHIPS.


I finally got it…relationships were IT.


The root of everything.


I realized that ALL of my flawed ways of thinking, being and operating in the world were directly linked to my RELATIONSHIPS and my relationship patterns.


And I began to understand that in healing these relational wounds and welcoming in NEW EXPERIENCES of genuine, authentic connection and support…


I could powerfully reprogram my subconscious, AND, I could create the FOUNDATION for my career success.


So I committed to pouring my energy and resources into shifting my relationship patterns.


I got SUPPORT to begin to heal from my relational wounding, and I slowly started to welcome in new, healing experiences with other humans.


When I moved in with my partner, Antoine, and began receiving consistent, stable connection and support in my daily life…


I began to FINALLY move out of survival mode, and into CREATION.


I built a SIX FIGURE BUSINESS based on a foundation of connection, support, and intimacy!


This is the feminine element that is missing for SO many women.


Women are told we have to choose between love and career, and that we can’t have BOTH (this is complete and utter bullshit, by the way).


Women are working themselves silly, all by themselves, and thinking it’s their fault that they aren’t getting the results they want.


Listen to me.




You were never meant to do your life and business ALONE.


I want to show you how you can shift and open to receive MORE of the connection and support that nourishes you…


So that you can grow your impact and income, and take up even more space in this world as a force for change!



YOU are already POWERFUL.


How much more powerful could you be if you had the right kind of support?


The truth is..


Our relationships form the foundation of how we operate in the world.


Look at all of the negative and limiting beliefs you’ve gained from all your relationships throughout your life, (beginning with your caregivers)…


Beliefs about what you are allowed to be, do and have.


Beliefs about how you get to express yourself.


Beliefs about how love works for you, and what you have to do to “earn” it.




What if you could reprogram those beliefs EFFORTLESSLY through new relational experiences?


What if you were able to let go of all of these painful programs, once and for all, and LET. LOVE. IN.


What if you had an epic, supportive circle of women to hold your hand as you go through this expansion process?


Together, we are SO MUCH STRONGER.


This world needs you nourished, connected and supported.





The Love and Leadership container is for you if:


-You want to make a bigger impact and receive more money in your career, but you feel stuck and afraid to step out and be visible.

-You feel alone, burned out, or overwhelmed.

-You want to experience healthy, fulfilling relationships.

-You are ready to let go of your painful relationship patterns and the negative beliefs you hold about relationships, and step into a reality in which you receive the love and support you’ve always deserved.


In this container, you will:


-Receive new relational experiences to help reprogram your subconscious mind.

-Imprint healthy relationship patterns that will serve you for the rest of your life.

-Completely rewrite your beliefs about what is available to you.

-Experience support in stepping into your purpose like never before.

-Learn all the skills you’ll need to build a healthy foundation in your relationships.

-Learn how to manifest what you want in love, money and career effortlessly.

-Receive potent energetic upgrades that will align you with new people and opportunities.

-Experience the power of collective manifestation.


This incredible 3-month experience includes:


*2 group coaching calls per week with me!

*An epic Facebook group to utilize for even more connection and support.

*Weekly homework to deepen your understanding and integration of the material.


What are you waiting for? Join us!






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-- HC, Graphic Designer

“I’m so grateful for Love and Leadership! It has provided consistent support and containment in a time when I really need it. I serve a lot of people so having this space to be held is so important for my well being. I can not recommend Julia or this program enough. She is so present with each of us and so engaged. I can feel her energetic presence as consistent and unwavering over the last 7 months. She has supported me in launching my group program and upping my prices. Lots of success and more love has come into my life since working with her. Thank you Julia!”

-- MJ, Coach and Healer

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-- FC, Mother and Musician

"When first meeting Julia it was very clear to me that she is someone that holds incredible space for people. I was a bit resistant to entering her program, mostly because of the amount of investment required but I was also scared and unsure. 

So I asked my guides to show me feathers, in the next 3 days I needed to see 3 feathers and that would indicate that I was meant to be in Julia's program. The first 2 days I saw nothing, but on the third day everywhere I looked there was a feather, the very last one being this picture of a feather that my daughter had colored and gave to me. It was then that I knew I was meant to be in this program. I am and will be forever grateful for the container that Julia has created and continues to hold for women like myself.  

I have been able to recognize and unravel so many patterns in my life that have replayed over and over. And once I was able to shine light to those parts of me, I was able to bring healing to them and see that they no longer served me. All the while feeling safely held in a container of women that I feel so blessed to know and share space with. The rawness, vulnerability and connectedness that is shared is priceless. 

Julia is an amazingly inspiring woman and I feel so blessed to have been able to work with her, heal with her, call her my soul sister and my friend. My love for her and her work in this world is beyond measure. 

If Julia is inviting you to take part in one of her programs, I highly recommend making the investment in yourself!"

-- DB, Teacher and EFT Practitioner

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4x Monthly Payments

One Time Payment

4x Monthly Payments

One Time Payment

4x Monthly Payments

One Time Payment

4x Monthly Payments

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