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...We are always either too much, or not enough, aren’t we?


We are told to walk a fine line between Madonna and Whore.


Between wealthy and poor.


Always too much, or not enough.


Either way, we feel shame.


It’s used to control us…and it has worked, for a very long fucking time.


The shame women carry around wealth…


It limits us.


And it’s not an accident.


The shame we feel around money, just as the shame we feel around our bodies, our emotions, our needs…


Was placed their intentionally.


For generations upon generations, women have been made to feel ashamed of their god-given, raw POWER.


The power of their sexuality.


The power of their desire.


The power of their magic.


The power of their emotions.


The power of their intuition.


The power of their will.


We have been condemned as dirty, as sinful, as selfish or impure.


And so we’ve shut down our power to create.


Our very excellence as women.


Relegated to a dark room within us.




But now…


We are in unprecedented times. 


For the first time in our collective history, women are experiencing a different sense of freedom around their wealth.


There are new possibilities available to us, to generate energy in the form of money, and direct it to actualize our desires.


Many of us are hearing the call and stepping forward.


Others are afraid, and bogged down by the conditioned shame they hold in their bodies.


This is natural and understandable.


A woman owning her wealth and wielding it as an energetic tool in the world according to HER desires and HER will is fucking TERRIFYING to people.


She will trigger shame, defense, and fear in others…


She will be projected upon and often persecuted.


And this is why WE NEED EACH OTHER.


Powerful witches…


It’s time to step out of the shadow of SHAME, keeping you locked in a state of poverty.


It’s time to rise up into the knowing that YOU have the power to create whatever the fuck you want.


And that you deserve it.


It’s time to get fucking RICH.


It’s time to see money as pure.


As natural.






We will be strengthened.


We will fucking rise.


We will use our power in CONNECTION, as women naturally do, to create the wealth we have always been WORTHY of.


And we will take back our rightful place of power, and of leadership.


Six weeks.


A container for potent healing.


Group manifestation circles.


Magical activations and light language.

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we start JUNE 29TH!

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Life-changing training's that will give you a whole new

relationship to your wealth and power.


Are you in?


We start next January 24th.

One Time Payment

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6-Month Monthly Payment